Young specialists to receive 1mln tenge each in S.Kazakhstan

Doctors from South Kazakhstan region will receive 1 million tenge each, it was announced in the Governor’s Office of the region.
South Kazakhstan 10 October, 12:16

According to the Ministry, earlier, doctors sent to work in the countryside received a one-time assistance in the amount of 100 thousand tenge. With the support of Governor of the region Zhanseit Tuimebayev, this issue was revised.

"In order to reduce the shortage of personnel in villages, according to the decision of the regional maslikhat, changes were made in the package of social assistance to specialists sent to work in the countryside. Since January 2018, young specialists will receive one-time assistance in the amount of 1 million tenge", the message says.

According to the agreement, specialists in the countryside shall work for five years. Previously, the period was three years.

Also, a comprehensive medical information system with a single situational center is being introduced in the region. For its implementation, 8582 units of computer equipment have already been purchased. Until the end of the year, all medical organizations in the region will be 100% computerized, a single server will connect them to each other to electronically exchange information about each patient.

The summary in an automatic mode will arrive in the situational center under local executive bodies. Owing to the system, paperwork will be minimized, which will significantly reduce the unnecessary "walking" of patients between medical organizations. Thus, region's population will be the firsts who get electronic health passports in the Republic.