Volumes of automobile production in Kazakhstan grew 3 times

The automobile production in Kazakhstan has exceeded last year's figure by 3 times, Oleg Alfyorov, a Chairman of the board of the Union of Enterprises of the Automobile Industry of Kazakhstan "KazAvtoProm", said.
Nur-Sultan 23 October, 20:23

On the territory of Kazakhstan, 13 312 vehicles were produced with a total cost of 101.4 billion tenge.

The production of cars grew by 3.9 times, reaching 11 575 units. As of September 2017, 1,501 vehicles left the conveyors of Kazakhstani enterprises, which is twice as high as in the same month of 2016.

"Sales of domestic car factories since the beginning of the year have reached 13,129 units, which is 64% higher than last year's value. The market share of enterprises of the auto industry increased to 37% against 24% in the same period last year", the speaker said.

The Chairman of the Board of the Union noted that the trend of the outflow of Kazakhstani buyers to the market of the Russian Federation has exhausted itself.

"This was an urgent issue for 2016. For the period of disparity of the ruble and tenge exchange rate, when the tenge to ruble rate was strong and Kazakhstani people massively rushed for shopping to the border and not only the border regions of Russia. But this "Fashion" has exhausted itself in 2016 with the weakening of tenge's rate and today this problem is removed from the agenda", Oleg Alfyorov said.

The contribution of industry's enterprises to the structure of country's GDP for nine months amounted to 101.4 billion tenge (+ 39.2% to the indicator of a year ago), which far exceeds the analogous figures of the pharmaceutical and light industry. Investments of enterprises of the auto industry in fixed assets in the first 9 months of 2017 reached 3.6 billion tenge against 1.3 billion tenge a year earlier.