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Up to 100 streets reconstructed in Astana this year

In 2017, a middle repair of the roadway on 105 roads with a length of 64.8 kilometers was carried out, the Mayor’s Office of the capitalreports.
Nur-Sultan 11 October, 17:38

According to the report, the current repair was carried out on 34 streets with a length of 33.1 km, on the outskirts of the city - 55 streets with a length of 21.2 km, 14 streets with a length of 9.75 km were repaired within the framework of the "Employment Road Map-2020" program.

"This year, the middle and current repair was carried out on 105 streets. In 34 streets, middle repair was made as part of the program. As part of the development of residential areas on the outskirts, 55 streets were renovated, and 14 streets were repaired within the framework of the “Development Road Map - 2020”. Reconstruction was carried out on 11 streets: Baytursynov, Nazhimedenova, A-82, Akmeshit, Turkestan, from Orynbor Street to Ulya Dala Avenue, 24th Street, 26th Street. Such streets, which unload the squares, like Kabanbai batyr avenue and Maugilik El ", - stated in the message.

At the same time, this year, works have been started on the construction of two road bridges along the “Uly Dala” street through the “Nura-Yesil” canal and the Ishim river.

At the moment there are 953 streets in the capital with a length of 1,038.4 kilometers, 75% of which are asphalted.

"To date, works continue on the arrangement of right exit, which, in turn, will reduce the load at the intersection and ways to it, and significantly increase the capacity, reduce the number of conflict points and ensure unimpeded passage of vehicles moving to the right. Until the end of the year, right exits are planned to be arranged at 8 intersections of the streets of the capital", the Governor’s Office informed.

Also, in the area of the intersection of Mangilik El avenue and 31st street, work was carried out on the arrangement of parking on an area of 35 thousand square meters for 1500 parking spaces.

In addition, works continue on the construction of another 19 streets with a length of 43.8 km, including both to decrease traffic congestion, and in the areas of construction of social facilities.