Tennis court of international level to appear in Shymkent

A tennis court of the international level and new aviaries at the city zoopark, the Mayor’s Office of the city informed.
South Kazakhstan region 18 September, 12:13

The tennis court is included in a single sports complex, consisting of two tennis courts with stands for 100 seats, a hostel and a dining room for 50 people.

Now construction and installation work is underway. It is planned that the construction will be completed in late 2017.

The Mayor’s Office of the city added that the new facility is being built in the Abai Park. After the completion of the new tennis court, it will be possible to hold competitions at the international level.

Also, the second stage of the reconstruction of the zoo is underway in the city. After its implementation, 9 new outdoor cages will appear in the Zoological Park: for peacocks, lizards and turtles, for the Japanese monkeys, and for birds of prey. In addition, the terrarium will be reconstructed. Also, the observation point will appear.

Now construction and installation works are conducted in the zoo. This year it is planned to put into operation the cheetah, the rest in 2018.

In addition, PED is currently being developed for the construction of the continent of Asia and a number of pavilions - an aquarium, aviary for lions, tigers, predatory animals, bears and birds.