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Stable decrease in infantile mortality observed in North Kazakhstan region

stable decrease in infantile mortality is observed In the North Kazakhstan region.
North Kazakhstan12 February , 00:00

"Within the last 4 years there is a stable decrease in infantile mortality. Indicators of child and infantile mortality are one of the lowest in the Republic," the deputy head of department of health care Mariyam Bapanova reported.
Leading cause of death of children aged till 1 year there are diseases of the perinatal period (70,5%), on the second place — congenital anomalies (15,9%), then a syndrome of sudden death and accidents (on 4,5%).
Following the results of 2012 2 cases of maternal mortality are registered (Petropavlovsk, Akkayynsky area), the Case of maternal death of the inhabitant of Petropavlovsk, occurred in the Regional perinatal center. Cause of death: early postnatal atonichesky uterine bleeding.
The case of maternal death of the inhabitant of the Akkayynsky area, occurred in JSC RNTsNMP of Astana. Cause of death: The diseases of digestive organs complicating pregnancy, child-bearing or the postnatal period (Buddy-Kiari syndrome).
"Both cases are conditionally preventable," summarized Mariyam Bapanova.