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Shymkent to build more than 300 multi-story apartment buildings

Within the framework of the "Shymkent City" project, more than 300 multi-story apartment houses will be built, Governor’s Office of South Kazakhstan region reported.
South Kazakhstan region04 May , 08:42

An ambitious project called "Shymkent City" is implemented in the regional center. The total area of ​​the object, which should become a "city in the city", is 420 hectares. It is designed for 70 000 inhabitants.

316 houses will be built there. It is planned to build houses of different number of storeys - 9, 16-storey houses. In the very center there will be a park area, which will occupy 49 hectares. According to the plan of the designers, all conditions for comfortable living will be created in "Shymkent City" - social facilities - schools, kindergartens, polyclinics. There is also a place for the rest of future citizens.

"We plan to build a cinema-concert hall for 3,500 people. In addition, a sports complex will be built, which we now call "Shymkent Arena", perhaps, the name will be changed. But this is not the main thing. Much more important that it will be comfortable here for people. It is also planned to build a business center, which will be located on an area of ​​24 hectares", Governor’s Office informed.

At the moment, the roads, utilities and 10 houses, each of which has 54 apartments, are built in Shymkent City. The houses will be built from precast reinforced concrete structures with a high class of strength. This is the communal housing. This year it is planned to finish the construction of five houses. But commissioning is planned for 2018, after the introduction of all communications. As for the amount, 4 billion 300 million tenge is planned for construction of 10 houses. This year it is planned to master 2.5 billion tenge.

Governor’s Office informed about the work on laying communications, they told that this work is carried out within the framework of the "Nurly Zher" program. 5 billion tenge has been allocated for the construction of roads and the laying of utility networks this year. Communications are planned to be completed this year but they will be put into operation only next year. As for the roads, the main road bed will be laid already this year.

By the way, "Shymkent City" will be located in the northern part of the city, near the Baidibek bi monument. The district will be characterized by modern infrastructure, comfortable living and business conditions, meeting the highest standards of urban development and architecture. The project is implemented within the framework of the Shymkent City Development Concept until 2020. The number of houses is 316, schools - 7, kindergartens - 21.