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Regular direct routes of grain shuttles launched in Kazakhstan

Three direct routes by the message of Kostanay - Galaba were sent the other day from the Kazakhstan station Kostanay according to the approved schedule. Wagons loaded with flour will cover a distance of 3,257 km in 120 hours. This route was implemented by JSC "KTZ - Freight Transportation" in the framework of the project on the rational use and timely dispatch of rolling stock. The movement of freight trains is carried out according to the approved schedule and the route similar to the passenger traffic.
Nur-Sultan 08 November, 19:52

During transportation according to the approved schedule, all organizational and technological processes are tied to the time of departure and arrival. Now shipper, knowing time of departure of the grain shuttle, can plan the time of departure of cargo, time for documenting by means of an automated management system of contractual and commercial work.

“Successful implementation of the project will increase competitiveness of the railway in comparison with other modes of transport”, Executive Director for operational works of JSC “KTZ - Freight Transportation” Adilet Aitbek said.

According to him, this approach provides mobile delivery of goods from the point of departure to the destination, shortens time of transportation and turnover of freight trains, and ensures safety of cargo.

He also added that the route will eliminate unproductive downtime.

According to the press-service of JSC “KTZ – Freight Transportation”, within the framework of the project, freight trains on the Yesil-Sary-Agash and Yesil-Shymkent routes have been launched, along which cargoes are delivered on schedule at the Arkalyk-Yesil-Kushmurun section. Train with direction Yesil-Sary-Agash overcomes the distance of 2,044 km within 57 hours, Yesil-Shymkent route - 1,834 km in 53 hours.

“The advantage of these routes has already been evaluated by local grain traders and flour mills. The technology allows shippers to gain economic benefits by reducing the cost of organizing transportation, and railways - to increase the efficiency of the rolling stock” Adilet Aitbek said.

We note, according to Kostanay region, for November 2017 the plan of loading of grain of 5 607 wagons, flour - 2 181 wagons was declared. For efficient transportation of grain and flour, the Headquarters with the participation of representatives of the State Income Department, phytosanitary control, elevators and consignors, as well as employees of all involved railway services, was established in the Governor’s Office of the region to promptly resolve all emerging issues.