Over KZT 480 bn of investments attracted to South Kazakhstan rgn’s economy in 2017

In South Kazakhstan region, by the end of 2017, the volume of investments amounted to 482 billion tenge, an increase of 20.2% compared to 2016, Arman Sabitov, the head of the regional department of economy and budget planning, said at the Regional Communications Service.
South Kazakhstan region 18 January, 20:23

At the same time, the volume of industrial output reached 858.5 billion tenge, compared to 2016 it was 102.1%. According to the head of the department, in South Kazakhstan region much attention is paid to the issues of industrialization, economic diversification and production development.

"In 2017, 18 projects were implemented within the framework of the Industrialization Map, 36.5 billion tenge was invested. In 2017, the number of operating subjects of small and medium-sized businesses amounted to about 180 thousand units, thereby South Kazakhstan region is the leader in the country", A. Sabitov said.

In addition, 285 projects were realized within the state program "Business Roadmap 2020" in 2017, 2032 workplaces were created, Governor’s Office of the region informed.

Along with this, in 2017 more than 93 thousand people were employed under the Program of the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017-2021, the plan was overfulfilled by 44.8%. In addition, about 83 thousand new jobs were created last year.


Photo: the press service of South Kazakhstan region