Number of registered condominiums reached 95% in capital

The number of registered condominiums in Astana reached 95%. Thus, the capital takes the first place in the Republic in this indicator, the Mayor’s Office of the city reports.
Nur-Sultan18 October , 09:59

The Management body of Housing Inspectorate of the city is actively working to inspect and control the management and condition of multi-apartment residential houses of the capital, the Mayor’s Office of Astana reports.

As well known, registration of the condominium gives the right to the owners to fully use their common property, as well as to choose any form of management of their house.

At the same time, the dispatch service 109 accepts applications and complaints from residents for services and comments from management companies and condominiums.

"The overhaul of roofs, entrances, elevators, facades, replacement of equipment, pumps, heat exchangers, requiring considerable expenses, should be carried out at the expense of current monthly payments, or local authorities must allocate funds, change the service organization", the report says.

Meanwhile, the owners of the premises (apartments), for accumulating funds for the overhaul of the common property of the condominium, are obliged to make monthly payments to the savings account of the management body of the condominium object in an amount determined in the meetings of the owners of the premises (apartments).

We note, there are 513 multi-apartment residential houses in the city, they are serviced by 431 condominiums and a service organization.