Number of built housing in Kostanay rgn increased by 35.5%

The number of built housing in Kostanay region increased by 35.9%, the Statistics Department informed.
Kostanay 15 January, 11:52

Talking about the social development of the region, one can note that in January-December, 2017, enterprises of the region manufactured produsts in current prices for 747.2 billion tenge. In 2016, this indicator comprised 599,4 billion tenge. Volume index in 2017 comparing to 2016 comprised 104.2%.

Gross output of products (services) of agriculture comprised 362.2 billion tenge (in current prices) or 103.5% of the previous year, of which crop production - 253.3 billion tenge (104.5%),  animal husbandry - 106.2 billion tenge (101.4%). 

"In addition, investment in the fixed capital, taking into account the estimate, in January-December, 2017, comprised 199.4% billion tenge or 102.8% by 2016", the added Department.

The volume of completed construction works in Kostanay region, taking into account the estimate, last year amounted to 82.2 billion tenge and increased 27.8%. Thus, due to all sources of financing, 264,678 square meters were put into operation of the total area of residential buildings or 135.9% by 2016.

Photoes: open sources