Development of infrastructure

New traffic interchange in Almaty on Capital Day

The new traffic interchange was opened on the crossing of Almaty’s streets: Bokeikhanov and Severnoe Koltso, the Mayor’s office said.
Almaty city 05 July, 17:47

The carrying capacity of the road was able to have 211 thousand cars per day, and the construction of the traffic interchange resulted in the increase of the number to 361 thousand cars, that is, by 70%. The new interchange will reduce the transport load by 20 % in following neighborhood units: Dorozhnik, Shanyrak and Uzhet.

Despite of technological difficulty of the project the traffic interchange was put into service in six months before planned term. The overall cost of the interchange the construction of which had started in 2015 comprised 8,6 billion tenge.

Mayor of the city Baurzhan Baibek noted that 30 traffic interchanges have already been put into service during last 10 years.

“The complex transport reform is been implementing in the city. The construction of three traffic interchanges is been implementing to increase the carrying capacity of the small ring road, at the same time, the central streets are been reconstructing with a priority for pedestrians.  The preparation to introduce the LRT, BRT project is been implementing, the given lanes for public transport are been put into service as well as new itineraries, the rolling-stock is been restored, the cycle stations are been installed, plants are been expanded and so on. All of this will improve ecological situation of the city as well as make the city more comfortable for living”, the Mayor of Almaty said and gave an errand to plant greenery around the area neighboring to the new traffic interchange during autumn planting season.

Besides, the reconstruction of a number of streets is been implementing with a priority for pedestrians. The pavement of cubes, planting, installment of small architectural objects, sports equipment, playgrounds for children, the lightning of buildings facades and other measures are planned to implement in the following streets: Panfilov, Zhibek-zholy, Gogol, Kabanbay Batyr, “Astana” square till the end of the year. None of the projects considers cutting down or moulding of the existing plants. The extra planting of tall trees such as birches, oaks, lime-trees and aspens is planned to expand shadowed areas of the city as well as planting of different types of bushes.