New approaches in healthcare for children

N. Nazarbayev: I fought strongly for kids mortality decrease

The President of RK Nursultan Nazarbayev expressed concern about mortality of kids and emphasized that the accepted program is directed on decrease of this indicator in the country.
Nur-Sultan07 March , 00:00

"Salamatty Kazakhstan, our state program is unique. Everyone has to be engaged in the health," the Head of state emphasized.

According to him, everyone has to think of the condition, including not harming people around.

"Here carrying out this program on improvement of life, human health, the state allocated 360 billion tenge till 2015. To Kazakhstan citizens there is absolutely free medical care. Over all country 21 perinatal centers equipped with the modern equipment work. Thanks to it mortality of kids sharply decreased. I fought strongly  for it, didn't understand why at the kids die, why mothers perish. And now we reached sharp decrease thanks to medical care and care of them," N. Nazarbayev noted.