Modern system of electricity supply being built in Akmola rgn

A modern water and electricity supply system is being constructed in Akmola region. It was announced in the briefing in the Regional Communications Service by Governor of the Tselinograd district Malgazhdar Tatkeev.
Akmola 23 October, 09:59

The projects envisage the installation of 14 wells and the construction of more than 500 kilometers of power grids. In order to fully cover the water supply systems of Kosshy village in 2016, construction of water intake facilities and a water pipeline from the Lower Romanovsky deposit to Kosshy village was started. The project provides for the installation of 14 wells and a purifier for 9.9 thousand meters of cubic water. Construction and installation works are underway to reconstruct the water supply networks in such villages as Razyezd 96, Kabanbay batyr, Kyzylzhar, R. Koshkarbayev, Manshuk, Taitobe.

According to the Governor’s Office of the region, the design and estimate documentation for the reconstruction of water distribution networks in 10 settlements at the development stage. As for electricity supply, the construction of power grids in the following villages as Malotimofeevka, Karazhar, Kabanbay batyr, Sofiyevka, Kyzylsuat, Kazhimukan is currently underway. The construction of power supply networks in the settlements of Talapker, Karaotkel, and Kosshy with a total length of 439 kilometers is being completed.