"Mangystau" warship received flag of Naval Forces

An official ceremony of handing the flag of the Navy to the missile and artillery ship "Mangystau" was held.
Mangystau 21 December, 09:11

As the regional Governor's Office informed, after the flag was hoisted the ship officially became part of the Navy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Governor of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov handed the flag to captain of the ship, Lieutenant-Commander Yakhyarov and greeted attendees.

"In the country for the shortest period a huge work was done on the tasks that Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev set before us. And these achievements of our country must be protected, developed and further multiplied. And in this regard, the main issue is the strengthening of Kazakhstan's independence. Our Armed Forces are one of the guarantors of ensuring national security and stable development. Today a great event is taking place on the sacred land of Mangistau. This combat ship, which arrived from Western Kazakhstan, is the strengthening not only of the Armed Forces, but also the strengthening of the country as a whole", Governor of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov said.

The warship was launched on April 25, 2017. In the Ministry of Defense, it was decided to give the name of the battle ship "Mangystau" - in honor of the region in which it will go into combat service.

The missile-artillery ship "Mangistau" of the Bars project was manufactured at the Zenit plant in the city of Uralsk, West Kazakhstan region.

The main characteristics of the ship:

The displacement is 240 tons, the length is 41.75 meters, the width is 7.8 meters, the speed is 30 knots, the cruising range is 1200 miles, the cruising autonomy is 10 days, the crew is 23 people.