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"KazAvtoDor" repaired over 40 road sections

Since the beginning of the flood period, 96 overflows of meltwater have been recorded through the roadway and as a result of overflows at 42 sites, roads have been destroyed. At this time, for 41 road sections, repair of flood damages has been completed. This was announced by General Director of "KazAvtoDor" Ulan Alipov at a press conference on the results of the work of "KazAvtoDor" in the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan.
Nur-Sultan 15 May, 15:48

According to Ulan Alipov, as a result of floods and overflows in 42 sites, road and road structures were destroyed.

"In comparison with the flood period in 2016, the number of overflows in the current year exceeded last year's figures by three times, and by 2.5 times in the destruction of roads and road structures. Over 41 road sections, flood repair was completed, 180 meters of roadway covering, 7,1 thousand running meters of roadsides, 13 pieces of culverts were restored", the head of KazAvtoDor informed.

In addition, the directions of the current work of the two-month program within the framework of the Integrated Target Program were announced.

"Work is underway on patching, removal of ruts and combs, installation of road signs, repair of fences, marking the carriageway, repair of pavilions and recreation areas. To date, all work is carried out on schedule and up to June 15 of this year it is planned to implement 60% of the Integrated Target Program plan", the speaker concluded.

Akbota Kuzekbay