KazakhInvest reports 2019 half-year outcomes

National Company KazakhInvest has contributed to commissioning 4 projects valued at $217 million, $1.7 billion worth 12 projects are under construction as well as 34 projects for $7.1 billion are now well under way as the company held its half-year wrap-up, the KazakhInvest press service reports.
Nur-Sultan02 September , 12:12

The tasks including the commissioning of 30 projects for $2 billion and the launch of construction works on $4 billion worth 35 projects are slated for realization in 2019.  

More than 40 per cent of the overall soon-to-be-commissioned projects are found in the new sectors of the economy – renewable energy resources and information and communication technologies.

It is planned that 2019 will see solar stations with a total capacity of 400 MW, wind plants with an overall capacity of 90WT and hydro plants – a total capacity of 25MW put into operation, with their total cost standing at $680 million.

Early in May this year KazakhInvest held the 3rd Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable (KGIR-2019), bringing together over 1100 participants, among them were the heads of large world companies and domestic businesses, international experts, representatives of international and governmental organizations, including around 600 foreign guests from 41 countries (the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, India, Singapore, Korea and the UAE).

The event was also attended by top managers of the companies such as Cisco, Nokia, CITIC Bank Corporation, WILO SE Group, AGCO Corporation, Valmont Industries, Tyson Foods, Yildirim Group, and so on.

The roundtable ended in investment agreements reached and 41 documents signed for a total amount of $8.2 billion.  

The company acting as the only negotiator representing the Government and under the one window principle, has established the “soft infrastructure” for investors as well as systematic work on raising awareness of the Kazakh law and procedures, transparency in decision-making, relieved administrative burden.

And, for the record, on 13 August 2019 the Kazakh Government approved new arrangements for the organization of work with investors under the one window principle, and the rules of engagement when attracting investments. The ways of working with investors include three levels: external, central, regional front-offices at

To date, the Single national interactive site named operates in Kazakh, Russian and English, providing the necessary information on the investment climate, the possibilities in the priority sectors and projects needing investments as well as one can submit requests.

There is the call center for investors +7 7172 620 620.  

KazakhInvest operates under the Kazakh Foreign Ministry engaged in attracting and supporting investments. Being the only negotiator on behalf of the Government, KazakhInvest offers a full range of services relating to investment projects’ realization, including registration, receiving any permits and agreements needed to run investment activities in Kazakhstan.