Investment in nation’s health: capital contributions in health service increased by 13% in a year

Following the results of seven months of 2019, the volume of investment in health and social services increased by 12.7% and amounted to 57 billion tenge (IFO - 110.7%). Over the same period last year, the amount of investment was equal to 50.6 billion tenge, the increase was 54.8% (IFO - 147%). It must be said, this is only less than 1% of the total investment in fixed assets in Kazakhstan, informed.
Kazakhstan27 August , 11:13

Investment growth in the same period is observed for the third year in a row.

At the same time, the share of capital investment in health care out of the total investment in fixed assets is 0.9%.

The main source of investment in health and social services is the republican budget: in January – July of the current year, 21.8 billion tenge has been allocated to the sector (a year earlier - 10.9 billion tenge).

Meanwhile, investment from the local budget decreased significantly. In January-July, only 11.9 billion tenge has been allocated - 30.9% less than in the same period last year (17.2 billion tenge).

Own funds of the business amounted to 20.9 billion tenge, annual growth - 1.6%. Bank loans and borrowed funds amounted to only 1.4 billion and 1 billion tenge, respectively.

It should be noted that in December this year, the state program for healthcare development for 2020–2025 will be approved. According to Director General of the Republican Center for Healthcare Development Ainur Aiypkhanova, three key tasks were identified. According to her, it’s not just about the state program: financial health care was created under a new model, that is, a financial health care model was created for the next six years.

“Expenditures will be increased to 5% of GDP. The main share of expenses is for medical services”, Aiypkhanova said.

The increase in investment in healthcare and social services compared with January – July 2018 was noted in only 10 regions of the country. The largest growth of contributions was observed in East Kazakhstan region (3.1 times), in Zhambyl region (2.5 times) and in the city of Nur-Sultan (2.4 times).

The largest investment volume also fell in East Kazakhstan region: 13.2 billion tenge (a year earlier - 4.2 billion tenge). Also in the top three investment magnets are Almaty (8.6 billion tenge, a year earlier - 8.3 billion tenge) and Almaty region (6.7 billion tenge, a year earlier - 10.8 billion tenge).

We note that these TOP-3 regions account for 50% of investment in healthcare and social services.