Intellectual system of pedestrian crossing in capital has no analogues in the world

Pedestrian crossing with laser radiation and LED emitters will work smoothly both under bad weather conditions and at night. It was reported by Deputy Director of "Safe Way company.kz" LLP Azamat Mantaev.
Nur-Sultan07 November , 12:52

As reported in the Mayor’s Office of the capital, the project is socially oriented and so far has no analogues in the world. New technologies work from motion sensors and software. During the day, the laser image is automatically projected onto the roadway. At night and in bad weather, the image will alert the driver about the presence of a pedestrian who will appear on a safe passage.

"According to statistics, most accidents occur on unregulated pedestrian crossings. Therefore, our project with the use of new technologies was created primarily in view of increasing the safety of pedestrian traffic and improving the visibility of drivers", A. Mantaev said.

During the day, the innovative complex accumulates wind and solar energy, thereby ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the first pedestrian crossing with laser radiation.

"The laser pedestrian crossing functions in any weather: in fog, rain, storms. The complex withstands a temperature regime from -50 ˚С to +50 ˚С. This project provides: automatic reading through a pedestrian crossing, transmission of a signal to turn on the laser emitter and road sign to warn the driver about the presence of a pedestrian at the crossing", A. Mantaev said.

For the first time, a laser pedestrian crossing was established in June on the left bank of the capital at the beginning of Nurzhol boulevard. The innovative complex is realized by the forces of Kazakhstan's developers and so far has no analogues in the world.