Development of infrastructure

In Almaly district of Almaty there is active work on improvement

In 2017, in Almaly district, it is planned to build 4 kindergartens and schools for 1200 places, as well as a kindergarten for 120 children and a mini children's center for 50 children, to reconstruct a kindergarten with an increase it to 320 places.
Almaty city18 May , 10:12

According to the Mayor’s Office of the city, in the current year, 10 streets and sidewalks at 34 addresses are planned to be repaired in the district, construction of outdoor lighting lines in intradomestic territories with a length of 19.7 km, design and estimate documentation for the overhaul of 80 households was developed.

It is planned to repair the public gardens and to overhaul the fountain "Peregovorny" ("Negotiating") at the Arbat. The development of design estimates for the reconstruction of irrigation networks and storm sewage with the length of 7.8 km.

For the improvement of the appearance of the city due to the funds of legal entities and cooperative of apartment owners, 5 residential houses located on the main streets were repaired. Within the framework of the implementation of the program "Modernization of housing and communal services", 13 elevator equipments have been replaced in 5 residential buildings since the beginning of the year, and 4 residential houses have been renovated.