HCSBK intends to introduce project of equity construction in regions of Kazakhstan

Representatives of JSC “House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan” and JSC “Housing Guarantee Fund” met with developers of North Kazakhstan region and representatives of local executive bodies in Petropavlovsk, North Kazakhstan.
North Kazakhstan 20 September, 09:16

As was informed in JSC “House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan”, the sides have discussed the matters of mutual cooperation.

"Now in HCSBK 30 000 residents of the region save on own flats. The total amount of their deposit portfolio is 12.4 billion tenge. All of them plan to buy inexpensive, but high-quality housing in the future and the purpose of the Bank is to help them in this. Therefore, we propose to join efforts. Working together with the developers, the local Governor’s Office, the Housing Guarantee Fund, we can provide our population with affordable housing and help develop the regional housing market as a whole", Director of the North Kazakhstan regional branch of the HCSBK Raikhan Abdrakhmanova said.

Head of the guarantee department of JSC "Housing Guarantee Fund" Zhanyl Sayakova spoke in detail about the guarantee mechanism, the scheme for obtaining a guarantee for the completion of construction, the procedure for filing documents to representatives of construction companies of North-Kazakhstan region. Also, the participants of the event were the first to learn about the important news for the equity construction market.

"JSC" Housing Guarantee Fund "expects this week the completion of the procedure for state registration of changes to the "Method for determining the rate for guarantee fee", which include the fixation of the guarantee fee rate for all developers at 2%, provided that the collection of 60 and higher scores on the scoring model of the evaluation. This means that the developer, who is gaining 60 or more points in financial and three qualitative indicators, will pay a guarantee fee of 2% of the cost of the project instead of the previously envisaged corridor of 2-6%", Zhanyl Sayakova said.

Joint projects with the HCSBK, developers and the Housing Guarantee Fund are already operating in other cities. Thus, a quadrilateral memorandum on cooperation was signed in Karaganda, and applications for the equity construction project have already begun in Astana. Depositors of the HCSBK are offered 100 apartments. According to the results of 23 days of receiving applications, 486 people expressed a desire to become participants in the equity construction and purchase an apartment at a reduced price. By the way, House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan will become the only creditor in Kazakhstan on the project of equity construction with the guarantee of the Housing Guarantee Fund.