Governor of E.Kazakhstan proposed to create song creativity encyclopedia

Governor of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov during a working trip to the Shemonaikha district visited a new Upper Ubinsk secondary school with 300 seats, which was built at the expense of the republican budget.
East Kazakhstan 09 October, 09:13

According to the Governor’s Office of the region, the Governor of the region appreciated the new educational institution. His attention was drawn to the office of the Russian language and literature, where an exposition of antique household utensils is located. The Governor supported the idea of ​​teachers to revive traditions and proposed each school of East Kazakhstan to follow the example.

"Many would be interested to know. To know which songs were performed 100-200 years ago not only in these regions, but also in other settlements. Therefore, in the framework of the program "Tugan zher", I propose to create an encyclopedia of old songs that were performed on this land in the old days",D. Akhmetov said.

On the instructions of the Governor of the region, several universities of East Kazakhstan region are already engaged in this. As the Governor noted, it is desirable that each school also join this work.