Government of Kazakhstan to allocate money for purchase of wheat from farmers

The purchase of grain in the volume of up to 2 million tons will be carried out through JSC "NC "Food Corporation".
Nur-Sultan 28 December, 09:24

Due to the high risks of drought in the current season and the unstable financial situation of farmers, it is planned to take a range of measures to provide wheat to the domestic market. Thus, the question arose about the need to create a stock of food grain in the Republic.

According to Director of the Export Contracts Department of JSC "NC "Food Corporation" Nurzhan Mukhamedzhanov, the decision was made to purchase 3rd grade food wheat through the Food Corporation in the amount of up to 2 million tons. This is about 42 000 tenge for one ton.

"The funds for the purchase of wheat are allocated by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main goal of this initiative is to support domestic farmers", the speaker said.

As he noted, it is also planned to strengthen control over the importation of Russian grain and its legalization without paying VAT. Providing transparency of carload shipments of grain and barrier-free export documentation is also a priority in the course of solving the tasks set.

"We approach the problem in a comprehensive manner. All this should be done through the integration of the information system of grain receipts and the information system of JSC "KTZ", Nurzhan Mukhamedzhanov concluded.

Kamilla Rashid