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EK region repairs roads to tourist zones

In East Kazakhstan, roads have been actively renovated in the direction of tourist bases. Among them, the highways leading to the lakes Alakol, Markakol, Sibiny, the Governor’s Office reported.
East Kazakhstan28 April , 16:11

In 2017, about 5.7 billion tenge will be allocated for the development of regional roads, of which 231 million will be spent for reconstruction, about 3.8 billion tenge for medium repairs and 1.7 billion tenge for maintenance.

Qualitatively renovated roads will provide a comfortable trip to places of rest of East Kazakhstanis. Putting an accent on the frequently visited recreation areas, this year the road to Alakol Lake will continue to be repaired. The road "Terekty - Urunkhaika - Toskay", leading to the lake, will be reconstructed Markakol.

In addition, they will repair the road to the recreation center Altay Alps, to the tract of Zhidebay in Abay district, from the ferry to Kurchum village.

The average repair will cover 122 km of roads, of which 112 km - roads of regional importance.