“Eastern city” to be created in Astana

The Kokshetau airport holds talks with the Russian side, namely with the authorized bodies of the cities of Omsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Surgut on the opening of direct flights with the city of Kokshetau, Governor’s Counselor of Akmola region on tourism Marat Igaliyev at a briefing in the Regional Communications Service.
Akmola 01 November, 16:57

Marat Igaliyev in his speech explained that the opening of additional flights with the Russian cities will attract more tourists to Akmola region, which in turn will have a positive impact on the development of the whole tourist cluster of the region.

"At the moment, negotiations are already underway with the Russian side, but the results will be known later", he said.

Meanwhile, the developed project "Four Seasons" has already brought good results in terms of attracting tourists to Akmola region. Within the framework of "Four Seasons" in the summer period, the traditional international sailing regatta "Burabay-2017" was held in the resort zone. It gathered yachtsmen of not only Kazakhstan, but also of the Russian Federation, including such large cities as Ekaterinburg, Omsk, etc. In August, with the support of the Governor’s OFiice of the region, a charity bike ride with the participation of Olympic champion, legendary cyclist A. Vinokurov took place. Due to this event, record amounts (more than 150 million tenge) were collected for the purchase of special medical equipment for the Centers for Services for Children with Disabilities.

"The Burabay resort” attracts more and more attention of foreign guests. Evidence of this is the visit to the resort area by nomadic people, amateurs on horseback, among which there were not only Kazakhstani guests, but also representatives of Russia, Turkey, Brazil and other countries", M. Igaliyev added.

A significant event for the Burabay resort and Kazakhstan as a whole was the launch of a unique golf club with the participation of the Head of State, which also becomes a powerful feature for attracting wealthy tourists. October 2017 ended with the first autumn festival "Octoberfest Burabay". Such events are an excellent opportunity to support business in the sphere of tourism.

Also, the Governor’s Counselor told about the program planned for the winter period.

"Today, work has begun to fill the upcoming winter season with new mass events. Particular importance is given to winter entertainment for holidaymakers through the implementation of the "Winter Fairy Tale" project, where the best artists, designers, ice sculptors and other creative individuals will be attracted to the international competition for the construction of a unique ice town. The fairy-tale town will receive guests during 3 months of winter, at the same time the festival "Dad, Mom, I are a sports family", children's programs "Visiting Santa Claus" will be held”, he told.

The implementation of these projects will greatly enhance the attractiveness of the Burabay resort for numerous Kazakhstani and foreign tourists.