“Eastern city” to be created in Astana

The Mayor’s Office of Astana announced the holding of a custom architectural and town planning contest for the development of a sketch idea for the "Eastern City" facility. The object will be located on an island of 36 hectares in the central part of the capital near the bridge "Sary Arka", Elorda Info informs.
Nur-Sultan 26 October, 08:43

According to the terms of the contest, the "Eastern City" should consist of a multifunctional center, offices, a shopping mall, an exhibition pavilion, a museum "Koshpendiler", craft workshops, a theater, a cinema, cafes, restaurants, hotels, a mosque, a square and Kurgan of wishes. The "Eastern City" should be decorated with fountains, sculptural compositions. For the convenience of tourists, there should be cycling bridges, bicycle paths, piers, car parks.

In addition, the central object will be the Kurgan of wishes. It will revive the ancient tradition of nomads, but in a new context. In ancient times, the soldiers erected the kurgans "Oba", which served as beacons and warned of the approach of other troops. The modern kurgan "Akniet Oba" will become a place of good wishes. A tourist can take any stone and order an engraving with a wish in the workshop, then to place it on the kurgan.

According to the customer, the Kurgan will become the most visited place of the "Eastern city" and will constantly grow.

According to the technical data, no less than 0.64 hectares will be brought under the Kurgan. The project consists of the Kurgan itself and a pavilion in the form of a yurt, which will be open all year round. The diameter of the kurgan will be about 48 meters and 9 meters in height.

The winner of the contest for the best sketch of the "Eastern City" will receive 16 million 360 thousand tenge. Applications are accepted until October 29, 2017. The results of the competition of the statute are known in April 2018.