Digital kazakhstan 2022

Kazakh mining and metallurgy embracing digitalization 29 July 17:32
The mining and metallurgical complex makes up around 6.7% of the GDP, 25% of the industrial production and 24% of Kazakhstan’s exports. It is represented by 800 plants and 185 thousand workplaces. Over the last 10 years, 114 projects have been carried out in the mining and metallurgical complex.

  • Kazakhstan pilots e-health passports 25 July 16:32 In the wake of Digital Kazakhstan Program, many sectors of the Kazakh economy, including health, have been actively working on digitalization. As the Kazakh Health Minister stated the process toward digitalization in the health sector largely aims at greater access to and quality of medical services and supplies.
  • Prof. Van de Putte: the weakest link about cyber security is human beings 02 July 12:02 In an interview with a correspondent, Professor Alexander Van de Putte, Chairman of the AIFC Academic Council, Chief Strategy Officer of the AIFC Governor's Council, speaks of the significance of the Astana Finance Days Forum, reveals why the AIFC is vital in investment attraction and what modern-day technologies it deploys as well as argues why going public is essential. Keep on reading for more.
  • Digitalization’s effect on workforce: you’ll still need experts in mining – Adrian Singh 13 June 14:31 Nur-Sultan city hosted the X Astana Mining & Metallurgy (AMM) Congress. This year’s theme was devoted to digitalization and investment in the mining industry. Such big companies as SAP, Hatch, FLSMIDTH, FreeportMcRan and others gathered there to tell about their successful cases of introducing digitalization projects with domestic enterprises. Mr Adrian Singh, Director at Gold Ore, arrived in Kazakhstan to present his own technology. Read more about his opinion on digitalization and its influence in the short interview by the Strategy2050,kz Information Agency.
  • How KTZ goes digital in transportation 31 May 15:21 More and more Kazakh companies seek for digitalizing in-company processes so as to minimize time, project, make correct decisions based on the collected data. Here you can learn the experience of the national company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy which carries out the “Integrated planning system” project in a bid to automate the projecting.
  • Digitalization allows to make correct and faster decisions - Frank Catumbela 31 May 10:15 A reporter sat down with Frank Catumbela, advisor to the CEO, Nostrum Oil & Gas, who shared with us what digitalization means to him, talked about the main benefits of that process, as well as shared his thought about whether digitalization affects employment within the forum held by SAP in the Kazakh capital.
  • What opportunities does e-trade give Kazakhstan? 14 May 15:13 In Kazakhstan’s digitalization program e-trade is not out of sight. Certain measures are taken to demonstrate upward trends in this area. Read the article below to peek inside the country’s e-trade development.
  • KazPost develops digital projects, boosts transit 19 March 17:24 Last year the company launched a franchise network of departments, digital offices, developed online services, boosted the delivery of periodicals by drones, with opening a bonded warehouse at the international center of cross-border cooperation “Khorgos”, developing transit postal deliveries from China to Europe and Central Asia, promoting e-commerce and a franchise network, as well as digital projects are of priority for 2019, Chairman of the Board of “KazPost” JSC, Saken Sarsenov, said at a press-conference at NWF “Samruk-Kazyna”.
  • Smart Astana app helps unveil bought sick leaves 13 March 17:50 Internet of things, artificial intelligence, 3D printing technology and blockchain actively penetrate all spheres of human life, and this is a key trend of modern times. Digitalization has become one of the main megatrends of global development. Astana Innovations JSC, the Public Healthcare Administration and DamuMed Company have developed a useful service. Now a sick leave is very transparent and it can be checked easily. Smart Astana, a city mobile application, will help in it. Read more about this new function and the others in the material of the Information Agency.
  • Digital Kazakhstan: life becomes better 19 February 15:21 Over the past year of the Digital Kazakhstan State Program’s implementation many areas of our life underwent positive trends. The legislative base has been improved, optimized approaches to conduct of matters, business and state administration have been developed. At the same time, in order to improve the implementation of the digital agenda of the Government, it was noted that central and local executive bodies should develop a unified methodology for monitoring and evaluating the effects of digitalization. Read more about the implementation of the Digital Kazakhstan program in the piece of the Information Agency.
  • Concentrated management decisions give good results in the economy 18 January 15:21
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