Kazakhstan attracted investments worth $24bn in 2018 03 September 10:25
The function of encouraging investments is incumbent upon the Kazakh Foreign Ministry, which is also in line with President Tokayev’s tasks to attract modern technology-related investments from the U.S., Germany, Japan, and China to Kazakhstan and have an economic growth pace of higher than 5 per cent.

  • KazakhInvest reports 2019 half-year outcomes 02 September 12:12 National Company KazakhInvest has contributed to commissioning 4 projects valued at $217 million, $1.7 billion worth 12 projects are under construction as well as 34 projects for $7.1 billion are now well under way as the company held its half-year wrap-up, the KazakhInvest press service reports.
  • China invested $1.5 bn in Kazakhstan’s economy 29 August 11:57 The volume of mutual trade between the two countries in the first half of 2019 increased by 31% and reached 6.8 billion US dollars. Annual investment flows of China increase by an average of 22%. China remains one of the largest foreign trade partners of Kazakhstan. Read more in the article below.
  • Investment in nation’s health: capital contributions in health service increased by 13% in a year 27 August 11:13 Following the results of seven months of 2019, the volume of investment in health and social services increased by 12.7% and amounted to 57 billion tenge (IFO - 110.7%). Over the same period last year, the amount of investment was equal to 50.6 billion tenge, the increase was 54.8% (IFO - 147%). It must be said, this is only less than 1% of the total investment in fixed assets in Kazakhstan, informed.
  • Loans for domestic business financing decreased by 30% in the past 5 years 23 August 15:38 The share of equity in the domestic business financing has increased from 58% to 73% within 5 years. Sharp reduction of loan funds in 2017, caused by decrease of foreign funding by 77.4%, became a reason. However, the investment policy of Kazakhstan showed the positive dynamics following the 1Q 2019 results, in particular, the loans of non-residents reached the level of 37.6%. For comparison, during the same period in 2018 the indicator was 32.8%. The information was provided by the FinReview.Info News and Analysis Website. Read more about the investment policy of Kazakhstan for the first half of 2019 in the review material below.
  • KAZAKH INVEST - central front office supporting investors 14 August 14:13 Kazakhstan’s Government approved a new procedure for organizing the work of the central government authorities and local executive bodies with investors on the principle of “single window”, as well as the rules for interaction when attracting investments. The mechanism for working with investors is built on three levels: front offices of the external, central and regional levels.
  • Kazakhstan attracts $6 billion DFI in 1Q 2019 31 July 11:58 Kazakhstan has been carrying out intensive work towards a favorable investment climate through establishing special economic and industrial zones, development institutes, financial organizations as well as legal frameworks. 103 domestic and foreign projects are slated for 2019.
  • Asian countries’ interest in investment coop with Kazakhstan rises 27 June 12:47
  • Kazakhstan is attracting most investors in CA 21 June 16:43 Investments are key to developing the economy of Kazakhstan, with the country making efforts to enhance its business climate and mechanisms for interacting with investors. With over 320 billion dollars of investments been drawn in the country’s economy since independence, Kazakhstan is seen as a regional leader in attracting foreign investments.
  • India invested in Kazakhstan $317 mln 17 June 14:30 India remains one of the key trade, economic and investment partners of Kazakhstan in South Asia. Over 2005-2018, the gross inflow of foreign direct investment from India into the Kazakh economy amounted 317 million US dollars, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan informed.
  • Japan brings in quality to Kazakhstan 11 June 17:53 With the Investment Committee and the Kazakh Embassy to Japan and Kazakh Invest National Company working alongside on around 20 projects, Kazakhstan and Japan share the mutual interest and prospects for cooperation in petrochemistry, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, energy, information technology and innovation. Read more about the state of the Kazakh-Japan relations in the review of the Information Agency.
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