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President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. NAZARBAYEV

First labor visa for special preferences issued in Kazakhstan 28 August 13:16
The first foreign worker received a labor visa for special preferences in Kazakhstan. There is a special tax and visa regime for participants of the Astana Hub technology park. Foreign employees of companies that are registered in the technology park can obtain a visa under the simplified labor regime. Read more in the material of the Information Agency.

  • “Triple burden of malnutrition” slows down progress towards Zero Hunger in Europe and CA 28 June 14:30 Enabling policies, partnerships, social protection and nutrition-sensitive food systems are key to end hunger and malnutrition in the region. Read the piece below prepared by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in further detail.
  • Kazakh First President’s Library, Heydar Aliyev Center expand coop 28 June 12:15 A cooperation memorandum was signed on 27 June in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku between the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan – Yelbasy and the Heydar Aliyev Center. What is the purpose of this memorandum’s signing? Read on the website of the Information Agency.
  • Health Ministry: Kazakhstan to halve hospitals’ number, no beds’ number cut 26 June 18:02 The Kazakh Health Ministry and the Organization for Economic Development and Co-operation scrutinized the health care system of Kazakhstan in various areas, specially focusing on the infrastructure and the hospital sector as well back in 2017. The outcome was quite anticipated as the wide spread of single-industry hospitals, which fall short in today’s health technologies, quality medical services, rentability, was observed.
  • Kazakhstan and UNESCO to set up International Center for Rapprochement of Cultures 26 June 10:58 On 25 June 2019 in Paris the Kazakh Government and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization signed an agreement to establish an International Center for the Rapprochement of Cultures under UNESCO auspice. The agreement was signed by UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay and Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykalikova, the press service of the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sport reported.
  • Kazakhstan rolls out 3-tier national system to better meet demand for personnel 24 June 14:29 Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population has embarked on implementing the First Kazakh President’s tasks to revise and increase amounts of address social assistance, salaries as well as pensions. For the time being, positive changes have been showing up, including the increase in address social assistance, benefits for multi-children or low-paid families, salaries of staff from civil service sectors. Read the article below for more.
  • Kazakhstan is Central Asian leader to fight TB 19 June 16:20 Kazakhstan is a leader in tuberculosis control among other Central Asian countries. The country is open to every international organization dealing with TB. Since 2002, the tuberculosis rate had stood at 65.1 per 100 thousand persons, stably declining over the subsequent years. The 2018 tuberculosis rate was 48.2 per 100 thousand persons. The nationwide efficiency of treating the disease is 89.2 and that of treating drug resistant TB is 79.9, Malik Adenov, Director of Kazakhstan’s National Scientific Center of Phthisiopulmonology said.
  • World Blood Donor Day: philanthropy or lifestyle? 14 June 15:51 On June 14, the world celebrates the World Blood Donor Day. This day, it is customary to express gratitude to people who donate their blood voluntarily and altruistically to save millions of lives every year, as well as to raise awareness of the need for regular donations. Speaking with Zauresh Rakhimova, a veteran donor, the Information Agency has tried to clear up whether donation is donors’ philanthropy or it is their lifestyle.
  • First President met with Shigeo Katsu 20 May 17:19 Leader of the nation Nursultan Nazarbayev has received President of “Nazarbayev University” Shigeo Katsu, the press service of Akorda informed.
  • Many Kazakh women are interested in running their own business - Alexandra Akkirman 16 May 11:04 A delegation of Kazakh women consisting of the winners of the Coca Cola Belesteri project will participate in the international exhibition EXPO-2019 in Beijing. Meetings to exchange experiences in women’s entrepreneurship, to present the project’s achievements, to tour novice entrepreneurs’ enterprises in agriculture and greenhouse business are slated for the visit between 8 and 13 June. Learn more in a brief interview with Public Affairs and Communications manager of Coca-Cola in the Caucasus and Central Asia region, Alexandra Akkirman.
  • Zhusan-2: 231 Kazakh nationals withdrawn from combat zones in Syria 14 May 11:50 Recently, 231 Kazakh nationals were returned from combat zones in Syria, including 156 children, in the wake of the special op named “Zhusan-2”. The operation aims at ensuring Kazakhstan fulfills its commitments and Kazakh citizens stand a chance of living and developing in peace. Read more about the results of the “Zhusan-2” operation in the material of the Information Agency.
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