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President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. NAZARBAYEV

First labor visa for special preferences issued in Kazakhstan 28 August 13:16
The first foreign worker received a labor visa for special preferences in Kazakhstan. There is a special tax and visa regime for participants of the Astana Hub technology park. Foreign employees of companies that are registered in the technology park can obtain a visa under the simplified labor regime. Read more in the material of the Information Agency.

  • Tokayev proposed creating single e-library of Asian writers’ works 04 September 13:36 The Head of State took part in the I forum of writers of Asian countries. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev welcomed the participants of the First Forum of Asian Writers and wished them fruitful work, the press service of Akorda informed.
  • Ankara to hold ‘The Great Steppe: history and culture’ exhibition 02 September 16:02 The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan on September 12, 2019 opens the exhibition "The Great Steppe: history and culture" in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey. The exhibition will be held from September 12 to October 12, 2019 as part of the international project “The Procession of the Altyn Adam through the world museums”
  • It is necessary to increase teachers' salaries twofold over 4 years in order to raise the status of teachers 16 August 16:04
  • How many people will live in Nur-Sultan by 2050? 15 August 13:02 Labour Resources Development Center experts conclude that in 30 years a population of Kazakhstan will be over 24 million people, with 9 million residing in the three major cities, as long as the rates of birth and death remain at the previous year’s level. Such a conclusion was drawn based on the information presented by the Kazakh National Economy Ministry.
  • 1st investment project in educational sphere: Singapore to build schools in Kazakhstan 15 August 11:13 Over several years of cooperation, Kazakhstan and Singapore have built a strong interaction in the field of education, staring off in September 2011, with a conclusion of a memorandum of understanding to develop Kazakhstan’s system of vocational education between the Kazakh Education and Science Ministry and Singapore’s National Fund “Temasek Foundation” and Nanyang Polytechnic International college. The countries continue interacting, so bringing cooperation to a brand new level. At the moment, Singapore is going to build schools in several cities of Kazakhstan. Read for more in the article below.
  • Goods and Services Quality and Safety Control Committee: What has been done in first half-year of 2019 09 August 16:31 The Health Ministry’s Committee on Goods and Services Quality and Safety is responsible for preventing violations in sanitary and epidemic control, supervising the quality of health services and the circulation of medicines and medical goods.
  • 90% of ‘With a diploma – to a village’ program’s participants decide to stay in villages 07 August 17:40 There are around 6 454 villages across Kazakhstan. And there are plans to provide 6 million 600 thousand rural residents with better infrastructure by 2025, thereby improving life standards in villages and attracting high-qualified personnel, says the Kazakh national economy vice minister.
  • Nursultan Nazarbayev received Asset Issekeshev 01 August 20:43 The First Kazakh President - Elbasy was reported on the current work of the Fund as well as on the measures taken in the social and educational areas.
  • How sick leave days affect Kazakh companies 24 July 16:36 Regular days off can negatively affect not only the professional activity but also the employer resulting in economic damage.
  • How and where to get work permits for foreigners in Kazakhstan 11 July 15:49 Kazakhstan has improved its position in attractiveness for foreign migrants, rising from the 129th to the 77th place in the last five years. One of the factors of Kazakhstan's attractiveness is the opportunity to find a job. Kazakhstan has 17 Migration Service Centers, regulating foreigners’ working process within our country. Read more about the activities of the Centers in the review by the Information Agency.
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