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President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. NAZARBAYEV

How Nur-Sultan handles waste management 19 August 15:13
The Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan is facing an environmental issue as the number of illegal dumps grows every year. 2018 saw the elimination of 100 such dumps, whereas 185 dumps have been removed since early 2019. In an interview with the correspondent, Mussa Tanabayev, head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Use in Nur-Sultan, talked about the Kazakh capital’s waste management and waste sorting at home.

  • KazMunayGas, Ecology Ministry sign a memorandum to deal with environmental issues 06 August 17:54 National Company KazMunayGas (KMG) and the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan on 6 August 2019 have signed a memorandum on cooperation in protecting the environment.
  • Ministry of Ecology: SMEs in waste recycling are on rise 03 July 16:21 The 4th Eurasian Business Forum titled “Green Energy&Waste Recycling Forum – GEWR’19” is taking place in Nur-Sultan where the issues of waste management development and green energy came under discussion, including the recent trends in green energy and circular economy development, with the participants going over the issues regarding commitment to the green strategy and effectiveness in the backdrop of the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Our daily choices matter: Turn the tide on plastic 20 June 9:50 Plastic is so prevalent in our lives that we don’t even notice it anymore. It is convenient. It is cheap. It is ubiquitous. The unfortunate truth is that more than 70 percent of the plastic we use does not get recycled, and much of this plastic trash gets swept into our oceans from beaches or gets washed into rivers from our streets. An estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently float in our oceans. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has proposed 5 ways to cut our dependence on plastic. Read more on the website of the Information Agency.
  • Johannes Madsen on water management: Kazakhstan takes the right steps 12 June 14:20 In the wake of the water bodies been deteriorating for decades in the Central Asian region, the European Union’s experience in efficient water management seems sought-after for Kazakhstan. Mr Johannes Stenbaek Madsen, Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to Kazakhstan, believes that best way to ensure efficient water management is through sustainability, putting a value on water. He also thinks of a water management company as the way to cope with water issues.
  • Green office movement aims at sustainable development goals’ implementation 04 June 17:15 One of the objectives in the field of environment protection that Kazakhstan pursuits is a green economy. Throughout the country companies, government bodies, educational facilities, industries and others are urged to join the green office movement, focusing on the sustainable development goals, emission and greenhouse reduction, resource conservation, energy-efficiency. Find more in the article below.
  • How does Kazakhstan solve problem of waste recycling? 03 October 18:34 At a time when Kazakhstan hosts different high-level summits, forums and sittings to speak about waste and its recycling seems to be obscene. But there is no choice. This problem plays an important role not only in the lives of Kazakhstanis but in the whole ecological system of the country. The number of solid household waste (SHW) grows every year. Let’s face it, the number of plastic bags in the steppe many times exceed the number of trees. How does Kazakhstan solve this problem? Read more on the website of the Information Agency.
  • 2 biosphere reserves in Kazakhstan are listed in UNESCO 26 July 17:14
  • Safe biofuel produced in Akmola rgn 18 January 14:56 Since the opening of a plant in November 2017, 500 tons of fuel have already been produced.
  • Almost 50k old cars handed over by Kazakhstanis for recycling 04 January 20:34 The total number of decommissioned vehicles for recycling as of December 30, 2017 was 47,111 units.
  • Astana residents urge to refuse plastic bags 22 December 19:46 Mayor’s Office of Astana will hold an environmental campaign "Refuse of a plastic bag!" in large retail networks from December 23, 2017.
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