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President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. NAZARBAYEV

  • Kazakhstan startups took part in festival in Singapore 17 November 19:44 With the support of the International Financial Center "Astana", three Kazakhstan start-ups participated in the annual FinTech Festival-2017 financial technology festival in Singapore.
  • 22K young people study under dual education program every year 16 November 15:13 In the next five years, Kazakhstan intends to allocate about 118 billion tenge for the development of the dual training program. Each year, the program will attract 22,000 young people. They are students of the 9-11th forms, who will master at least two specialties in various branches of the economy, reported.
  • Population of Kazakhstan increased in October 15 November 17:12 As of October 1, 2017 the population of the country amounted to 18,096.9 thousand people, including urban - 10,383.3 thousand people (57.4%), rural - 7,713.6 thousand people (42.6%). Compared with October 1, 2016, the population increased by 231.3 thousand people or 1.3%.
  • Day of tenge: Ensuring financial stability and strengthening (REVIEW) 15 November 10:16 One of the most beautiful currencies in the world, experts describe our currency - tenge. What is the path of the tenge in the history of independent Kazakhstan? On the eve of the 24th anniversary of the National currency IA "" offers to recall the history of the creation of the domestic currency.
  • Short-term economic indicator in January-October amounted to 105.4% 14 November 16:56 A short-term economic indicator in January-October 2017 to January-October 2016 amounted to 105.4%, the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan reported.
  • Prices in some segments of economy changed in October 14 November 11:14 In October 2017, inflation comprised 1,2%, the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan reports.
  • Strategy of attracting investments until 2022 developed in Almaty 14 November 10:14 Mayor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baibek held a meeting of the Council on attracting investors and improving the investment climate, which includes representatives of international financial organizations, associations of foreign companies, consulting and legal companies, large foreign and Kazakh entrepreneurs.
  • How will SAP help banks of Kazakhstan in finding new ways of profit (REVIEW) 13 November 19:46 The SAP company, the leader in the corporate applications market, held a meeting of the largest banks of Kazakhstan and leading CIS banks - SAPBankingClub, dedicated to industry innovations. The Heads of SAP and PJSC "Sberbank" told in an interview with IA "" about how SAP solutions help banks get maximum benefits from digitalization - better understand customers, offer the most demanded services and products and improve the efficiency of internal processes.
  • Project “Nur-Capital” launched in Zhanaozen 06 November 13:31 In Aktau, Mangistau region, a presentation of the “Nur Capital” project took place and a tripartite memorandum on support and development of small and medium-sized enterprises was signed. Such a project is being implemented in Kazakhstan for the first time.
  • Kyzylorda to open meat processing plant 03 November 18:56 There is a process of fishing, fish processing and sending fish products for export in Kyzylorda region. In addition, there is a great demand for cereals, melons, beef, produced in the Aral Sea area.
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