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Birth rate increased and mortality decreased in Kazakhstan in 2012: Statistics Agency

In 2012 in Kazakhstan, level of birth rate increased by 1,9%, and the death rate decreased by 2,4%, the RK Agency of Statistics press service reports.
Nur-Sultan14 February , 00:00

"For January-December, 2012 by bodies of RAGS it is registered 379.1 thousand births that is 1.9% more, than in the similar period of 2011.  The number of the dead in the country for January-December, 2012 made 141.2 thousand people that is 2.4% less, than in the corresponding period of 2011," the message read. 

As for the total number of the population of the country, for January 1, 2013 it made 16911.9 thousand people. In a year population increased as a whole about the country by 236,5 thousand people.

The natural increase of the population of the republic in January-December, 2012 made 237.9 thousand people. The general coefficient of a natural increase on the 1000th population made 14.2.

According to the agency press service statistically, for January-December, 2012 in the republic the number of the died babies aged till 1 year made 5100 people. In comparison with January-December, 2011 the number of the died children aged till 1 year decreased by 8%. The main reason for infantile mortality are the conditions arising in the perinatal period from which in January-December, 2012 died 2921 babies, or 57,3% of total number of deaths among babies. The number of the dead from congenital anomalies made 986 people, or 19,3%, from diseases of respiratory organs - 363 people, or 7,1% and from accidents, poisonings and traumas - 214 people, or 4,2%.