A number of social facilities opened in S.Kazakhstan

In the Otyrar district of South Kazakhstan region, 20 facilities were opened, the regional Governor's Office informed.
South Kazakhstan region 20 December, 09:13

Thus, the main arch is installed in the rural district of Baltakol, 2 workshops for processing of millet products have been launched. Along with this, 9 new veterinary stations were put into operation in the district. In addition, for the benefit of the people in the district, 3 paramedic-midwifery stations, a number of shopping centers and one bridge were put into operation.

In addition, 11 social and municipal facilities were put into operation in the Saryagash district of the same region. Among them, 6 buildings were built within the framework of public-private partnership. There is also a school for 150 children and a family medical outpatient clinic capable of hosting 150 people, two sports grounds, and landscaping works were carried in one of the settlements.

Along with this, in Tyulkibas region, 13 social facilities were opened. Two new medical facilities and one kindergarten for the settlement with a population of 110 thousand people have been opened. In addition, in the region an alley for veterans, recreation area and stele were opened for the benefit of the people. Four cultural centers have been put into operation, which have undergone major repairs and water pipes in two villages that have undergone reconstruction. Along with this, in the rural district of Shakpak, a stele has been opened, which reveals the history of the region. It is located on the territory bordering with Zhambyl region.

In Turkestan, 3 establishments were launched. In particular, in the industrial zone, "Cordial Turkestan" LLP started its activity to produce three thousand pieces of upholstered furniture per year. In the micro district of Otyrar, a private kindergarten "Indira" opened its doors for 90 children. Also, in the sacred city the alley "Turki bagy" was opened. In the city of Arys, 8 establishments were opened for the benefit of the people. In order to improve the quality of services provided to residents of the settlement, a branch of JSC "Kazpost", kindergartens of "Ulbala" for 75 sits, "Baglan" for 100 seats, and "Leader" for 360 seats were put into operation in the district. In the settlements "Otyrar", "Nauryz", "Ontustyk" for the benefit of the people a road with a length of 28.10 km and a water supply system with a length of 74.4 km were put into operation. Thus, the residents of the microdistrict are provided with infrastructure.

In addition, 8 new facilities were put into operation in the Maktaral district. In particular, the feldsher-midwife stations in four settlements and medical dispensaries in two villages, as well as the ribbon of new buildings of the staff of the Governor's Office of the villages of Karakay and Maktaly was cut.

In Kentau, solemn opening of 14 establishments took place. One of them is the central park named after S.Kozhanov. The others are the construction of engineering infrastructure systems in the Bolashak, Batys and Zhyldyz microdistricts. In addition, in the courtyards of multi-storey residential buildings in Kentau, 10 playgrounds for children and teenagers have been put into operation.

Also, in Shardara, a school for 900 sits was opened, in the Ordabasy district two private kindergartens were opened. In the village of Zharykbas of the Baydibek district, a water pipeline was put into operation, which will provide about 700 residents of the village with clean drinking water.