• Role of APK in transformation of country’s ethnic makeup 27 April 2018 The 26th session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan will be held on April 28. It will be devoted to the implementation of the President's five social initiatives. Read about the role of the APK in the context of trends in the transformation of the ethnic makeup in the analytical material of
  • Kazakhstan and France: reliable partners 26 April 2018 Astana has hosted a round table with the participation of Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev, Ambassador of France to Kazakhstan Philippe Martine, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Kazakhstan Gerard Fries and other members of the Chamber. What did the parties discuss about? Please, read in the review material of
  • Book remains main source of new knowledge - Secretary of State 25 April 2018 Secretary of State Gulshara Abdykalikova took part in the opening ceremony of the II Eurasian International Book Fair "Eurasian Book Fair - 2018", Akorda’s press-service reported.
  • 15 foreign artists to show their works at exhibition in Astana 25 April 2018 This year’s summer in the capital will be marked by bright colors. The main city of the country will celebrate its 20th birthday in July. In this regard, many cultural events will be held in Astana, such as the presentation of works by world and Kazakhstan artists.
  • Youth policy of Kazakhstan: state programs, values and socialization 24 April 2018 The youth policy is one of the priority directions of our state’s development. According to the Law of Kazakhstan "On State Youth Policy" of February 9, 2015, the category of youth includes citizens of Kazakhstan from 14 to 29 years old. What are the current goals and tasks for the state in this sphere and how is the state youth policy implemented as a whole? Read in the analytical material of
  • Development of urban agglomerations in Kazakhstan: Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and Aktobe (part 2) 23 April 2018 In the first part of this article, the main trends of demographic development and indicators of employment in the urban agglomerations of Kazakhstan were analyzed. As it was noted, for all 4 cities there is a constant increase in the number of people, with the largest growth rates in Astana and Almaty. Such a trend actualizes the issue of providing the population with affordable housing and development of the construction sector of city's economy. What are the main indicators of the housing stock of the cities? Read in the second part of the analytical material of
  • Labor protection: number of industrial injuries decreased by 7% since the beginning of 2018 19 April 2018 According to the results of the state control, in Kazakhstan over the past 5 years more than 30% of the identified violations are in the field of safety and labor protection. Read about the situation in this area in the material of
  • South Korea intends to deepen cooperation with Kazakhstan 17 April 2018 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev held a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea Kang Kyung-wha, Akorda’s press-service reported.
  • President of Kazakhstan instructed to study implementation of state programs 16 April 2018 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev held a meeting with Minister of National Economy Timur Suleimenov, during which the Head of State was provided with information on the results of the analysis of economic development indicators for 2017 and a report on the current activities of the Ministry, Akorda’s press service reported.
  • Development of urban agglomerations in Kazakhstan: Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and Aktobe (part 1) 16 April 2018 Nowadays more than 50% of the total population of the world lives in cities. The list of cities with million people is expanding each year, more and more people are choosing comfortable life in cities, thus having access to better social services and opportunities for self-realization. Cities accumulate human, information and investment resources, turning into the epicenter of the economic growth. How do the centers of urban agglomerations of Kazakhstan develop? Read in the analytical material of
  • Kazakhstan and Korea: long-term cooperation ties 16 April 2018 Kazakhstan and Korea are strategic partners and the countries are at the stage of their active deepen interaction. There are no political differences between Astana and Seoul. The leadership of Korea highly appreciates the achievements of Kazakhstan in the political and socio-economic spheres, supports Kazakhstan's initiatives in the CICA, the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions and actively participates in their implementation. Read in the review material of "" about the areas in which cooperation between two countries is developing.
  • Media Leaders Summit of the Boao Forum for Asia: Why is it important for the world? 13 April 2018 From 9 to 11 April, within the framework of the Boao Forum, Sanya city (China) held the summit with its theme of "A New Era of Media Cooperation in Asia-Interconnectivity and Innovative Development", which brought together representatives of the media from more than forty countries of the Eurasian continent. Read about the main issues that were raised during the meeting in the analytical material of
  • Year of "Rukhani Zhangyru": Spiritual modernization united Kazakhstanis 12 April 2018 A year ago, on the 12th of April Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev presented the article "The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience". There the leader of the nation clearly defined the agenda for the coming years. Before the people of Kazakhstan there are many tasks to revive the traditions of our ancestors. What changes have already occurred in the country in the framework of this article and how is the public consciousness of Kazakhstanis changing? Read in the review material of
  • Head of State received credentials from foreign ambassadors 11 April 2018 Akorda has held a ceremony of acceptance of credentials. During the ceremony, credentials were presented to the President of Kazakhstan by the Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Italy, Akorda’s press service reported.
  • N.Nazarbayev: The goal of "Zhas Otan" is to bring together all young Kazakhstanis 10 April 2018 Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev met with First Deputy Chairman of the "Nur Otan" party Maulen Ashimbayev, Akorda’s press-service reported.
  • Inflation vs personal income: main trends 09 April 2018 One of the most important characteristics of economy’s state of any country is a level of inflation, which manifests itself in the growth of the general price level. The rise in the price level is not equivalent to the notion of "inflationary price growth", as it may include price changes due to changes in the quality of products and services. There is no single statistical indicator capable of separating one from another, especially since an assessment of the change in quality is impossible without the involvement of expert methods. Therefore, an adequate assessment of inflation is possible only with the use of a developed system of indicators. For the most general characteristic of the level of inflation in the world practice, price indices are used, in particular the consumer price index (CPI), which allows estimating the level of inflation in the consumer market.
  • Mobile Device Registration: Security and Data Protection 06 April 2018 According to the Ministry of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan, by the end of this year, residents of Kazakhstan need to register their mobile phones with their own Individual Identification Numbers (IIN). The main reason for making these changes is to facilitate the work of the bodies that carry out operational search activities, search for stolen phones, search for criminals and detection of crimes. Read more about this in the analytical material of
  • Until 2050, Astana, Almaty and Shymkent will turn into growth points, where world-class services will be provided. 06 April 2018