5 new squares and another park to appear in Astana by yearend

More than 962.5 million tenge has been allocated this year for the construction of parks, boulevards and squares in the capital of Kazakhstan.
Nur-Sultan 09 October, 15:18

Mayor’s Office of the city of Astana reported that the construction of five squares and one park will be completed until the end of 2017.

"In the current year, the construction of one park along Zhalayiri Street in the territory of Almaty district has been completed. It is planned to build a square along Birzhan Sal Street, a square along Zheltoksan Street, a square along Suvorov Street, a square along Tauelsizdik Avenue and along Koshkarbayev Street", the message reads.

In addition, the reconstruction of a park on Seifullin Street was started. In 2018, a park will be built in the Koktal residential area of ​​15.4 hectares and 11 sites in the emergency-dilapidated housing (3 boulevards and 8 squares).

"In accordance with the instructions of the Mayor, public gardens and boulevards will be built in the places of emergency-dilapidated housing. Two boulevards will be on the territory of "Almaty" district, another one in the territory of "Saryarka" district", Mayor’s Office noted.