State of the Nation Address

Tariff and pricing issues need to be addressed in a systemic and substantive way by the Government

Nur-Sultan02 September , 15:50

“The government needs to systematically and substantively deal with pricing and tariff issues. That applies to goods and services of natural monopolists. It is no secret that prices in our country are high - from food and clothing to the cost of various services.

For example, it raises questions why the flights of the main air carrier on the most popular routes are much more expensive, sometimes up to 30% compared that in Europe?! What is the reason for the relatively high cost of services at our airports?

Why is the cost of jet fuel for foreign carriers at Kazakhstan airports higher than for domestic?

As a result, the aviation industry of Kazakhstan is losing its international competitiveness, and the country's transit potential is declining,” the President has said in an address to the people of Kazakhstan.