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From re-branding to automatization: QazAvtoJol on its plans

14 projects of more than 4.4 thousand km are envisaged under the Nurly Jol national infrastructure development program, involving over 18 thousand workers and 12 thousand units of machinery, the QazAvtoJol Chairman says at a briefing on the 2019 half-year plans and activities of the national company.
Nur-Sultan19 July , 17:42

According to Chairman Ulan Alipov, 428km of roads are earmarked for major overhaul, 1415km for medium repairs.

Among the key projects are corridors Center-South, Center-East, Center-West, Center-North as well as international corridors and border roads Almaty-Ust-Kamenogorsk, Usharal-Dostyk, Beineu-Zkzhigit, Kalbatau-Maikapshagai, Aktobe-Atyrau-the Russian border.

Opening of 548km of roads is slated for this year.

“The company is revising a strategy to make quality services for road users its high priority. It sets out to implement the Zero Vision System in a bid to reach zero deaths on roads. The national standards are about to be amended, too,” Ulan Alipov told.

The company also aims at eradicating corruption as its employees regularly attend anti-corruption events.

On the way towards transparency and openness, it is planned to automate and digitize its renovation works and switch to e-documentation so as to eliminate human factor.  

“When it comes to documentation, we apply BIM technology for 3D linear products modelling, that makes it easy to count road construction materials and automates the technological process,” he said.

The company also rebranded its logo (QAJ) and decides to use Latin graphics when drawing up official letters.  

As of today, toll roads Nur-Sultan-Shchuchinsk, Nur-Sultan-Temirtau, Almaty-Kapshagai, Almaty-Khorgos aimed at cutting off a burden on the republican budget are operational.

Pay rates for each section differ and are set by the designated government body.  These sections are divided into zones which are payable separately. The rates are also variable depending on types of vehicles taking into account the weight.

There are plans to add other 32 sections of 11 thousand km to the network of toll sections of roads in the next 2-3 years.  

The related infrastructure – roadside service facilities are also of special importance, according to Askhat Okasov, the Director of Organizational Units at QazAvtoJol as he briefed on the toll roads and the development of roadside services.

“The measures for carrying out the project to establish sanitation facilities along republican roads are in place as well as the program for establishing 304 sanitation facilities between 2019 and 2022 is worked out,” Askhat Okasov stated.

There are 1819 facilities of roadside services around the country.

The company closely works with international companies on open geographic information maps. Thus, information about roadside service facilities is available in Here maps, Yandex Maps, TransPark and Google Maps. Works to develop an intellectual transport system are being carried out.

Great efforts to mobilise resources for infrastructural projects are deployed as agreements to allocate non-governmental loans with State guarantees were reached with the EBRD and China’s ExImBank.

Repairs on road sections Talgykorgan-Ust-Kamenogorsk (763km), Kalbatau-Maikapshagai (415km), Merke-Burylbautal (266km), a southern west detour around Astana (34km), Kurty-Burylbaital (143km) are undergone at the cost of attracted means.

Photo credit: QazAvtoJol press service