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IV Eurasian International Book Fair: paradise for bookworms

“Eurasian Book Fair - 2019” is the country's largest book forum that unites publishing and book-selling organizations, cultural and educational centers of the CIS, Europe and Asia to develop and strengthen business and humanitarian cooperation. Read more about this fair in the review material of the Information Agency.
Nur-Sultan24 April , 15:52

90 companies from 13 countries of the near and far abroad, including from Russia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, China, Iran, Poland, Belgium, Latvia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan have become the participants in the exhibition.

The Tatar book house has brought 220 titles of books to the fair.

“We publish about 200 titles of books annually. The total circulation per year is at least 500 thousand copies”, Director General of the Tatar book house Ildar Sagdatshin informed.

According to him, this was their first participation in the exhibition and the first visit to Kazakhstan. The book house publishes books of all genres: poetry, textbooks, children's books, guides.

“This is a state publishing house. We receive subsidies from the state, by which we compensate for printing services and fees. And because of this, the cost of books is much cheaper than the cost price. Most of the books are published in Tatar language, but also we publish in English, Chinese”, he concluded.

Executive Director of the Sinbad publishing house Tatyana Smirnova noted that they were participating in the Eurasian International Book Fair for the first time.

“We are a newly-opened Moscow publishing house, presenting over a thousand books at the fair. As for genres, the book house publishes non-fiction books, belles-letters, child psychology and education”, she stated.

The speaker expressed her hope that there will be readers in Nur-Sultan who will like their books.

“We work very carefully with every book. We have already had our own public and we hope that people will appear in Nur-Sultan who will follow and like us. We’re planning to continue participating in this exhibition because we want to talk about our authors. Where to do it if not at the exhibition?!”, Tatyana Smirnova said.

As part of the book fair it’s planned to hold “Public Conversation” poetic marathon in the framework of the Year of Youth with the participation of young authors, book talks, literary club meetings, workshops themed “How to read books effectively?”, poetry evenings, autograph sessions with famous cultural figures, writers and poets.

It should be noted that the book fair will last for 4 days at Korme exhibition center.

Saltanat Sarina

Photo by Ayagoz Kurmash