Reset of innovative system took place during realization of FIID SP

Innovations, energy saving and labor productivity, these are the three concepts, united in one of subjects of industrialization week because innovative approach guarantees efficiency of pursued industrial policy, creation and preservation of non-oil competitiveness of Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan03 July , 00:00

"Our purpose is to become part of global technological revolution," the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev said in the Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050".

Today in Astana the anniversary press conference on a case of the 10 anniversary of JSC NATR - the main operator of innovative development of the country will take place. For last years 600 ideas and projects was supported, 396 from them got support since the beginning of FIID realization. During realization of PFIID there was a reset of innovative system. The new laws "On Science", "On Support of Industrial and Innovative Activity" were adopted. New instruments of the state support are fixed in them.

As a result of taken measures the share of the innovation-active enterprises increased from 4% to 7.6%. In comparison with 2009 more than by 5 times costs of the enterprises of technological innovations - to 2 bln. dollars (from 61 to 326 billion tenge) increased. Since 2009 179 innovative grants were allocated for total amount of 9 billion tenge.