CSC for consumers of water supply and sewerage services opened in Almaty

This is the fourth CSC, which provides citizens, including legal entities, with a full range of services related to cold water supply and sanitation.
Almaty city 28 December, 08:51

The new consumer services center of water supply and sanitation services was opened on the eve of the new year for residents of the Alatau district, Almaty, the city Mayor's Office informed.

The center "Alatau", where the work is organized on the principle of "one-stop shop", provides residents of the region newly affiliated to Almaty with any information they need from qualified specialists, including issues of concluding and renegotiating contracts, receiving receipts, invoices, reconciling charges and payments on personal accounts, payment for used services.

For convenience of consumers in the same building there is a regional operational site of water supply networks.

"The need to open a separate center for a water and sewage plant was dictated by the increase in the number of subscribers in this district of Almaty, where several large microdistricts of multi-storey buildings were built in recent years, as well as the expansion of district's territory at the expense of the attached villages was held", the report said.

The working potential of the new CSC is also calculated for the future development of water supply and sanitation in residential areas of the Alatau district, in the territories of which the construction of engineering networks continues. This in turn makes it possible to almost completely meet the needs of people living here in communal services, providing them with centralized water supply and sewerage.

The appearance of the "Alatau" center will allow local residents not only to save time, but also financial costs - bank commissions when paying for services in the cash of the enterprise are not charged.