Infrastructure development

About 700 thousand Astana residents travel by bus every day

Passenger transport of the capital is used by almost 700 thousand people every day, the official website of Astana mayor’s office informs referring to the metropolitan Administration of passenger transport and motor roads.
Nur-Sultan10 January , 14:35

“Overall there are eight bus fleets with 941 buses in the city. We transport approximately 669 thousand passengers per day, this is a very good number; and we are going to increase this number almost 2-fold by 2017, to reach 1 million 200 thousand people,” the head of the metropolitan Administration of passenger transport and motor roads Rashid Amanzhulov told.

According to him, 350 new buses on gas fuel, equipped for people with disabilities will be purchased in the capital.

“In 2014 we are going to procure 350 new buses of European quality, including 18-meter-long articulated buses; their number will amount to approximately 20%, and all the buses will work on gas fuel,” R. Amanzhulov noted

In addition, the Bus Rapid Transit project will be implemented in Astana, the first line is to be completed in 2016.