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Foreign monetary transfers' number increased by 11 % according to outcomes of 2013 - Kazakh National Bank

A number of foreign monetary transfers has risen by 11 per cent, following outcomes of 2013 year,” the press service of National bank reported.
Kazakhstan09 January , 14:15

686,4 thousand  transactions  totaling 74,2 billion tenge. Thus, the quantity growth amounted 10,9  %  and the  cost was equal to 17,6 %

According to the statement, share of foreign monetary transfers amounts 0,3%.

Meanwhile the average sum of one transfer received by monetary transfer system over ten month of 2013 is equal to 108,1 thousand  tenge. It is by 25,5 thousand tenge more in comparison with the  analogue  sum of one sent monetary transfer.

The main number of free monetary transfers was received by the Kazakhstani banks from residents of Russian, Uzbekistan, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan U.S. and Turkey.