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Mineral replacement tax to be reduced at Zhezkazgan deposits: E.Ogai

It is expected to reduce mineral replacement tax (MRT) at deposits of Zhezkazgan, according to the portal primeminister.kz.
Nur-Sultan27 December , 13:45

As part of the Comprehensive Plan for the development of the region taxation changes were adopted, in particular, reduction of mineral replacement tax," the Chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP Edward Ogai said at a meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan.

He noted that currently the mineral reserves are about four million tons, but existing technology does not allow to work profitably.

"In this regard, it was decided to postpone the surface structures within the framework of the Comprehensive Plan," the Head of the corporation told.

He also said that all these measures will save jobs, stabilize the socio-economic situation in the region.

"Today, thanks to the Government, Governor of the region Zheskazgan should "take on a new lease of life," E.Ogai concluded.