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We have to construct second aluminum smelter: N. Nazarbayev

Kazakhstan has to construct the second plant for the production of baked anodes, President of Kazakhstan said during the nationwide teleconference dedicated to the Industrialization Day, BNews.kz reports.
Nur-Sultan20 December , 17:29

“According to your instructions we have built aluminum smelter with capacity of 250 thousand tons per year in record time. It became possible thanks to the industrialization program and your support," President of "Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant" A. Ibragimov told.

In turn, the President gave permission to launch the plant, noting that Kazakhstan's industrialization should develop the way of deepening processing.

In addition, the nationwide teleconference dedicated to the presentation of the investment projects of 2013 is taking place in the Palace of Independence with the participation of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.