Every fifth tenge of investments owned by "Baiterek" JSC - Dossayev

Ecery fifth tenge allocated for the investments is owned by "Baiterek" JSC, Chairman of the Board of "National Holding "Baiterek" JSC Yerbolat Dossayev said at the XI International Congress of innovation in Astana.
Nur-Sultan25 November , 12:14

"The National Agency for Technological Development plays an important role in the productivity and transfer of new technologies. The agency has raised important challenges for the development of technological entrepreneurship. Some results of the previous years: 328 grants totaling more than 12.2 billion tenge were supported; grant recipients created a thousand new permanent jobs; production by almost 80 billion tenge was launched and taxes by 4 billion tenge were paid. The basic investment - 12.2 billion tenge - has been paid off", - assured Ye.Dossayev.

Of course, there are projects that haven'e brought expected results. In this regard, we are going to revise our approaches to the support.

Analysis of the grant funding in 2015 shows a large number of supported projects in the development activities. Holding duplicates the support tools provided by the Ministry of Education and Science. 

"Today we need to discuss the changes, innovative support through grants based on business participation, strengthening the role of the agency in the technological expertise, key projects in priority sectors", - said Ye. Dossayev.

He also noted the need for the links between the idea-makers, technology owners and customers, the investor companies. In this regard, the agency will act as a technology broker.

"Until 2020, the Agency will give first attention to technology transfer within the National Plan and new Law "On the commercialization of science". Active work began in the second half of this year, the results will be seen next year", - summed up Ye. Dossayev.