Marble stone processing plant to be built in Zhambyl rgn

Zhambyl region will build a factory for processing marble stone with a volume of 110 thousand tons per year, the regional communications service reported.
Zhambyl25 November , 10:18

Within the program of forced industrial and innovative development of the first and the second five-year plan Talas district in Zhambyl region implements 3 major investment projects in the total amount of 18211.7 million tenge.

According to the decision of Governor’s Office of Zhambyl region, in 2015 the regional map of industrialization in Talas district included 1 investment projects worth 3.4 billion tenge. "Zhambyl Nedr" will produce 300 thousand tons of cement grade M-400 and M-500 annually. The construction of the plant will be carried out on 4 ha of land. 150-200 people will be taken at the plant to start working.

In addition, in accordance with the decision of Governor’s office of Zhambyl region, in 2016 1 investment project has been included in the regional Industrialization Map totaling 1.946 billion tenge. "Karatau Pro" implements the construction of a plant for the processing of marble stone, the volume of which will be 110.0 thousand tons per year. At present the installation and assembly of equipment is carried out. More than 60 people will be taken at the plant start to work.