16 projects joined Industrialization Map in Zhambyl rgn in 2014

Since 2014 Industrialization Map of Zhambyl region included 16 investment projects and created 1654 jobs, reported akim of the region Karim Kokrekbaev at the XVIII regular report-back election conference of Zhambyl regional branch of the "Nur Otan" party.
Zhambyl24 November , 11:57

The Governor noted that the implementation of the tasks set by the Head of State is under the special control.

"Despite the crisis, we've managed to maintain stable operation of large enterprises and jobs. The volume of production of industrial enterprises amounted to 279 billion tenge over 10 months. Since 2014, the Industrialization Map included 16 investment projects worth 57.9 billion tenge, created 1654 permanent jobs", - said Karim Kokrekbaev.

Over two years the volume of production in the agricultural sector increased to 218.7 billion tenge. This year the figure amounted to 191.3 billion tenge.

In addition, today there are 60 thousand small and medium businesses, more than 120 thousand people were provided jobs and goods were produced totaling 649.2 billion tenge. Within the framework of the program "BusinessRoadmap-2020" 455 projects have been implemented.

797,000 square meters of housing, 46 education, 35 - health care, 23 - water supply facilities were built and 955 kilometers of roads was constructed.

Within the framework of the program "Employment Roadmap-2020" 58,754 new jobs were created, for these purposes, the budget allocated 10.5 billion tenge.

In addition, 9788 people joined the regional party organization, in the region there are 69 788 members of the "Nur Otan" party. Delegates unanimously supported the proposal to elect Karim Kokrekbaev a chairman of the regional party branch.