Interethnic unity

K.Kokrekbayev: Kazakhstan's success largely depends on cohesion and unity of people

Zhambyl region has held the XIX session of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan with participation of Governor Karim Kokrekbayev.
Zhambyl19 November , 12:13

The Regional Assembly was attended by leaders of ethno-cultural and religious communities, representatives of state bodies, deputies of region and city maslikhats, political parties, reported the akimat's press service.

Akim noted that the success of any country depends on the cohesion and unity of the people.

"In the beginning of our independent path, the ethnocultural associations have played an important role in maintaining stability. All ethnic and cultural associations of the Board authorities, councils of elders regulate socially important issues. The members of the regional assembly are conducting the ideological work, promoting the state policy", - said the head of the region.

This year, the work of the Assembly was lined up with the goals and objectives of the Concept of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan's development up to 2025. All the events were aimed at promoting the values of national patriotic ideas "Mangilik El", the Nation of Common Future, the implementation of the reform  "Identity and unity".
All activities were carried out within the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the national project "Big Country - Big Family".

Summing up the session, K. Kokrekbaev thanked the participants for constructive suggestions.

Then, he handed the certificates of honor and letters of gratitude for a worthy contribution.

Note, the XIX session of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan was held in a new building "House of Friendship" located on the territory of historical and cultural archaeological park "Kone Taraz".