Alliance of regional media to be created in Kazakhstan

During the forum of the regional media Minister of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev received a proposal on the establishment of an organization, which will unite the regional mass media in Kazakhstan. This proposal was received from Director General of "Almaty" channel Alibek Aldenei, which was completely supported by the Minister.
Nur-Sultan18 November , 15:58

"In the media market of Kazakhstan nowadays there are a number of public service media organizations. Among them there is the National Association of Broadcasters of Kazakhstan, within which there is no print and online media; the Club of Chief Editors, the Journalists Union of Kazakhstan and a number of other associations. In fact, each of these has a highly specialized area. At the same time, the main share of the media market in Kazakhstan, 70% is occupied by the regional media, but there is no organization that would represent and promote its interests, despite the fact that they have the great potential for the development of the media market. In this regard, I wish to offer to meet the requirements of today to create a new modern media organization, which will serve as the idea of ​​consolidation, particularly regional, to protect the interests, support and development", A. Aldenei said.

The Minister, in turn, fully supported the proposal.

"Yes, I think there is a necessity. We fully support and even more than that, has really matured the need for content sharing those things that are done under the state information request, that is, we are ready. I fully support, if present, forum support, then let's get started", the Minister said.

Indira Kaumetova