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12 mediation offices opened in Zhambyl rgn

Zhambyl region has opened 12 mediation offices, Marzhan Kuzhaeva said at a briefing of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan in Zhambyl region .
Zhambyl18 November , 15:37

Today, in the region there are 63 mediators. The APK's mediators has resolved 165 conflicts and disputes out of 219 complaints.

"The main types of all these problems - labor, civil and family disputes. Board of mediators at the Regional Assembly first signed a memorandum with the Zhambyl regional court, the Regional Public Council, a branch of the "Nur Otan" party, the Bar Association, the Center for Mediation and Law "Bitimger". The mediation school has trained 21 mediators ", - explained M. Kuzhaeva.

The structures of the APK are linked by a scientific expert group. They conduct consultations for the population. So, over the last period they have organized more than 20 visits to remote villages.